Dictionary of Online Bahavior offers new tools to reflect on online reality.
Use them.

I prefer to be a real consumer than a clickonsumer, because at least I know the price.
I feel confident when e-approaching.
My girlfriend asked me to e-end all my exes.
You have to stop ex-raying and move on.
-Why do I always meet e-zophrenics?
-Maybe you should stop looking for a boyfriend on Instagram?
My last FRAP was so intense that I stopped posting at all for around a month.
I only halfseened his message but I think he wants to ask me out. I’m not going to open it until I think of a reply.
I really can not determine what she is like, we met only once. I would like to instameet her to find out.
He is one of those overpresent people.
By The Rodina
We had a terrible time in Thailand, but at least we used every occasion to pinboast.
Sorry for getting back to you so late, I was postponlining the last few days.
When I am seenwaiting I cannot focus on anything else.
Can we have a meeting about our company’s recent skin trade? I think we bought a profile with a wrong crowd.
By Simone C. Niquille
Have you notices that Elena and Maggy SML a lot lately? I don’t think they even know each other IRL.
I like to login to my profiles first thing in the morning, the thrillification wakes me up quickly.
Today’s timeline climate can be described in one word: football.


When communicating people use all five senses, most of all, sight and hearing. Over ninety percent of all meaning is communicated nonverbally. But what signs and symptoms can we rely on when we don’t see a person we are communicating with, as it happens in computer-mediated communication? The use of electronic devices has to some extent changed the communication, but the appearance of social networks has created new set of phenomena in communication, adding a layer to our relationships and, more widely, to the perception of the world around us.

Dictionary of Online Behavior is an ever-growing project. It is a collection of new words, a digital dictionary that describes behavior that have emerged on social networks and have changed our way of communication.

Dictionary of Online Behavior is a project by TeYosh.
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The project was exhibited on two solo shows, in Parobrod Gallery (Belgrade, SRB) and in NEVERNEVERLAND (Amsterdam, NL) which was generously supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. Furthermore, the project was presented on many festivals and group exhibitions worldwide, such as Planet Hype exhibition in MOTI museum (Breda, NL), Postscreen Festival at Millennium Gallery (Lisbon, PT), FILEfest (São Paulo, BR), Athens Digital Art Festival/ADAF (Athens, GR) and at the galleries such as Eigen+Art Lab (Berlin, DE) and Bureau Europa (Maastricht, NL) among others.

Below you you can find press release kit for art and design magazines or blogs that might consider featuring this project. Here you can download some high-res images of the artwork in various sizes. For anything else, please contact us.