Feed Noise


A real-time clutter of information on other people’s lives on the feed.

Everyone has their own unique life path, but they are all blatantly juxtaposed to each other on the feed: one friend has decided to become a stay at home parent, the other was made a partner at her company while the third one quit 9 to 5 job and decided to travel the world... In a consumerist society, we have a difficult time making a decision when faced with the choice overload. On social media, the variety and quantity of abundant information on other people’s lives can have a similar effect. Before social networks, we were in touch with one person or a small group of people at the time and could hear about the fragment of their lives. Online we are simultaneously exposed to a variety of lifestyles. Moreover, we are real-time updated on them. This much exposure to other people’s lives can be a distracting commotion, making us overwhelmed and disoriented in our personal life perspective.

“I spent the day on Facebook, and the feed noise exhausted me completely.”

“All these people doing all this stuff... Feed noise makes me feel like my life is boring.”

“When I need to make some life decisions, I avoid social media because feed noise only makes me more disoriented and confused.”